Is there a Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day?

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16018052 - two glasses of pink champagne for the couple.Is there a Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day?

If there was ever a drink made for Valentine’s Day, it must be champagne. And if there was ever an occasion for champagne, it has got to be Valentine’s Day!

Just looking at the elegant bottle, with an inviting residue of frost, the beautiful label, and the anticipation of the exploding bubbles makes our spirits and hearts swell with delight - as we know that something special awaits us, and that things might indeed be better than we think, and that they have just gotten a heck of a lot better.

What is the “normal” gift we get our significant other on Valentine’s Day? The boring, obvious, expected heart-shaped-box of overly sweet, syrup-filled chocolates? An overpriced “prix fixe” meal from an oddly limited menu at an ordinary

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Holiday Wines 2018, Part 3!

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Holiday Wines 2018, Part 3 - the great wines just never end.

Having been a food and wine fan for many years, I’m sure that many of you, like I, was (and still am) a big follower of Parts Unknown featuring Anthony Bourdain – travelling the globe, investigating cultures, meeting people, being a lovable curmudgeon, and using the periscope of food and drink to view whatever country he was exploring on any given episode. I recall an episode in Manilla, where he was astounded that the Christmas/Holiday season starts being celebrated in September – here’s a quickie view of that episode.

According to, Christmas starts being celebrated 100 days before – at least:

“In the Philippines, the Christmas season kicks off on September 1st or the start of the so-called ‘BER months’ –

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The Amazing Holiday Wines Never End!

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Holiday dolceHoliday Wines 2018, part 2

I, like many of you, have a difficult time when searching for appropriate gifts for family and friends for the Holidays. Gifts are, supposed to be luxuries, to bring a smile to the face and a twinkle to the heart of our favorites. But how about if we include a flute of bubbles or a purple stain to one’s mouth to that list as well?  I’ve become a huge fan of giving (and receiving, of course) gift cards for special occasions – but how many times do you suppose that the gift recipient uses the card on mundane and ordinary items? Enter the Gift Card form Los Angeles Wine Company! Now, you can be sure that the chosen few on your list are enjoying a dessert wine, Champagne, Bordeaux or California Cabernet due to your kindness, rather than buying another 2-pack of

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Ready for Holiday Wines? We Are!

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Ghost Block








As I prepare a list of Holiday Wines, I am curiously reminded of a quote by the esteemed novelist Eduardo Galeano, “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine”. Indeed, as our lives evolve by those most noble events, and the desire to endlessly repeat them, there could not be a better time than the holidays to fully indulge our loved ones with what has given us so much joy. Below you will find a list of wines, which are sure to decorate and enhance your holiday festivities. And, the more I think about the quote by Mr. Galeano, I would wager a glass of Napa Cabernet that the “first kiss” of which he has written, was preceded with a glass of one of the fine wines below.



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Bordeaux for the Fall!

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BordeauxLooking for some great wine ideas - here's one - Bordeaux for the Fall!

I’ll never forget that first great bottle of Bordeaux that a friend brought over. I really hadn’t a clue about the region, or the grapes – in fact, I really hadn’t very many experiences with French wine at all – only French varietals, via California Cabernet or Merlot. Since I already enjoyed those, I was prime for the taking by a spectacular Bordeaux. It only took a few sips of that ’85 Lynch Bages, with the cascading, glorious, and rich layered flavors to have me instantly redefining what I considered to be a fantastic wine – and it got better in the glass as it rested on the table. “Good grief” I thought – how much is THIS hobby going to cost me??? I was a kid fresh out of college who absolutely did not need a

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Rose’ To The Rescue!

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Penne wAsparagus



A tough question for wine lovers  - and I realize we’ve broached this subject before – but what do you drink when it’s hotter outside (and inside too) than a wood burning pizza oven? That’s the situation for most of us living in SoCal every summer. There’s no way I want a big, stout Cabernet or Meritage  - perhaps a light Pinot could suffice,  and I’m not much of a lover of the buttery, oaky Chardonnays. That leaves us with a few refreshing as well as flavorful and complex choices – a sparkling wine, a Rhone white, a white Burgundy? I think I’ve got it – a beautiful Rose’. Chilled with aromas of white flowers, peaches and berries, and perfect with some light Italian fare. Relieved that we’ve got a choice to bring to a favorite restaurant – now what shall we pair it

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Persian Food, Wine, and Anthony Bourdain

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Anthony BourdainThe entire world of food and adventure suffered a horrible loss from the recent death of Anthony Bourdain. He taught us to be courageous, bold and experimental in all aspects of life, all in spite of his self-professed curmudgeonly attitude, which never stopped him from making new friends, and delving deep into unchartered cultures, by way of cuisine. A big favorite of his was Los Angeles for its melting pot of cultures and food – and we will celebrate what was a neglected area for me, perhaps inspired my Mr. Bourdain. And of course, we will use some wine recommendations from Steve Bialek from LAWC to make our new discovery even better.

If there’s a plus to living in Los Angeles (forgetting the crowds, eternally-gridlocked-traffic to get anywhere, occasional earthquakes, Autumn fires

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Three Favorite Wines (and Wardrobes) for Summer

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33546732 - group of young people enjoying outdoor summer mealThree favorite wines (and wardrobes) for Summer

Do you drink different wines during each season? I guess that depends on where you’re living or traveling each few months – kind of similar to a wardrobe. If you’re in a cold climate in winter, you might be wearing those dramatic dark, long coats (which seem so exotic and romantic for those of us living in Southern California), and you might be drinking a heavier wine, too, to go with a more robust food which would help you keep warm while getting into and out of an Uber. And, that’s exactly what a few friends of mine do that live back east – they drink Cabernet blends and eat heavier dishes in winter, and in Summer they travel to warmer climates and enjoy Rose’ and white wines with seafood – perhaps to Southern California to search for

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Who Doesn’t Love Indian Food?

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Certainly not me. From the first time I ever tried Indian food, I was amazed at the distinct and wonderfully explosive flavors - which were totally now to this kid living in Los Angeles. A friend knew a gentleman who was the chef/owner of a small restaurant on the Sunset Strip, and often we'd show up and get treated like royalty. He'd let me watch him roast fresh garlic over flame for his outrageously flavorful tamarind sauce for the crispy Somosas, and sear freshly ground spices for curries. Mesmerizing. Yes, I became rather hooked. Chinese or Japanese food, the previous "wild side" of my tastes in cuisine, took seats at the back burner.  And, fortunately for me, with an abundance of Indian restaurants covering all price points, Los Angeles can be a

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The Yearly Holiday Overdose

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Nook SalmonIt happens every year - obligations around the holiday season - work, professional organizations, family, extended family, not to mention old friends and acquaintances coming into town and wanting to get together. Question is - since this is blog centered around food and wine - do you get to choose where and what you will be eating? And is it what you want? If the answers to those questions are "no", and if you have particular tastes (I would imagine that that is a "yes" since you are reading this), what do you do to sneak around in-between responsibilities and get something that you really want to try? Well, it can be a challenge - and it can entail some "sweet little lies" as well as some creative planning. But here's what I did one night with a few friends.

There's a fantastic

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