Dead Soldiers: Avalon Cabernet 2005, Faust Cabernet 2005, Monte Antico 2006, San Simeon Chardonnay 2006

March 8, 2010 Daily DrinkersHigh End ValuesSpecial OccasionsWines under $10  No comments

Dead SoldiersTonight I start my weekly dead soldiers post.  Sundays or Mondays I will be summarizing the prior week in wine with my “dead soliders” post.  I’ve already blogged about a couple of these wines, and the other two are likely to show up in later posts so we will leave it at this:  3 under $10 wines (Avalon, Monte Antico and San Simeon) and a $50 wine (Faust).

It’s not every week that I drink a $50 wine, but wow- this is a great one.  If you can still find the 2005 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley at under $50, get a few bottles.  It’s made by Quintessa and shows as such.  Avalon Cabernet is a great go-to wine that is widely available at groceries and wine stores.  And the other two have already been reviewed.

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