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March 11, 2010 Nickel & Dime Retailers  3 comments LogoFrom time to time I’m going to be discussing the best places to buy wine (for great prices).  One of my favorite online wine retailers is a.k.a Wines ’til Sold Out.  I’ve bought a few cases of wine from these guys and I’ve always been impressed.  WTSO lists wines a few times a day- with the main event at midnight EST- and sells them until, you guessed it, they are sold out.  It’s a great way for an unnamed major wine retailer to get rid of excess inventory and, truth be told, wineries and distributors are selling wines to WTSO at MAJOR discounts to get rid of their own inventory.

Major benefits:

  • Free shipping with minimum purchase (usually between 1 and 4 bottles)
  • Quick delivery
  • Major names unlike some “one wine deal a day” sites

Let me give you some examples of the great wine deals I’ve gotten from WTSO.  Many of these will be reviewed individually later…

1995 Burgess Cellars Library Selection Cabernet- $22.95 ($68.99 direct from the winery)

1996 Burgess Cellars Library Selection Cabernet- $22.95 ($68.99 direct from the winery)

2006 Laird Family Estate Cabernet Sweet Water Ranch, made by Paul Hobbs- $22.49 ($45 from the winery)

2005 Chateau Lascombes- $49.95 (well over $100 elsewhere)

Subscribe to their emails so you can jump on the deals as they occur.  They often sell out within hours and, sometimes, within minutes.  Their customer service, although email only, is great, and the checkout process is very easy.  Bottom line, WTSO has great deals on great wines.  Check them out.

3 comments to Top Wine Deal Site:

  • Jerry Ellis says:

    What this article fails to reveal is that not all wine-a-day retail sites are the same. Sites like wtso are dumping old wines. Buyer beware. Only purchase your wine from retailers that actually review and recommend each wine they sell. I was very disappointed with my wtso purchases, but had much better luck with woot and wine spies.

  • Mark Quillous says:

    I have hardly ever seen a wine that was worth buying from these guys. They are all garbage wines that wineries need to unload at close out prices. I rather be drinking 2 buck chuck.

  • Audrey s says:

    I love this website! Get their app and you can receive daily deals. You have to know wine and there are some seriously great deals from some amazing wineries! Oi have purchased here several times and when there is a wine I like I recommend it to all of my friends and they buy it too. I have never been disappointed. It’s usually free shipping and it’s packed professionally and sent in a day or so. I bought kunde, round pond, a few brunellos and some champagne and they were all great! Kunde and round pond are rarely sold and I bought a $65 bottle of cab that would sell at the winery I purchased for $24 on this website plus free shipping. You can’t beat it!!

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