Under $10 Deal: 2006 Contado Mankas Cabernet Sauvignon Mankas Hills Vineyards

March 21, 2010 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  No comments

2006 Cantado Mankas CabernetLA Wine Company scores again with the 2006 Contado Mankas Cabernet.  This single vineyard wine from the Suisun Valley AVA (had to look this up- it’s just north of Napa County), is bright, oaky and delicious.  It’s medium to full bodied and is well structured.  I would not call this wine soft, and it benefited greatly from a couple of hours of air.  I was going to call this a great pizza wine, but it’s really good enough to stand up on its own.  As I sit drinking this Cabernet its second day, it has even improved over the first day.

The winery’s website says its made using Italian techniques and I can definitely see that.  It reminds me of a Super Tuscan in that it’s not quite as ripe, heavy and high alcohol as some of the Napa wines.  That said, it’s not a thin wine by any means.  Very well balanced.

I’m a huge believer that Napa makes the best Cabernet in the world, but this wine proves that improved grape growing and wine making techniques are allowing other areas to produce great Cabernet.  In this price range I’m always willing to try Cabernets wines from other regions.  Here are of other favorites, that will likely be reviewed in the near future.

2007 Liberty School Cabernet (Paso Robles)- $13

2007 Hahn Estates Meritage (Monterey)

If you see LA Wine Company showing up on this blog often, it’s because they have a track record of picking great wine and selling it at great prices.  Order some or pick it up and you will not be disappointed.

2006 Contado Mankas Cabernet Sauvignon Mankas Hills Vineyards- LA Wine Co. $9.95

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