2007 Caymus Cabernet: Incredible Value at $59.95

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2007 Caymus Cabernet LabelHow can a $60 wine be an incredible value?  When it’s Caymus Cabernet.

I’m sitting outside under the California heater on a beautiful spring evening and I’m trying to come up with a reason why the 2007 Caymus isn’t the most enjoyable wine I’ve ever had.  I’m willing to officially crown this the best California Cabernet I’ve had under $100.  And it’s $40 under $100!

2007 is really proving to be a great vintage for Napa Cabernet.  It’s approachable early, but has the structure to age.  I had the 2006 Caymus soon after it was released and it was good, but really needed to be laid back for 5 years before it was really ready to drink.  The ’07 tastes amazing now and I have every reason to believe it’s only going to get better.

This wine is unique.  The nose is complex and warm with earthy tones.  The aromas jump out of the glass but not a single scent dominates.  The wine pours almost black and that density is fully reflected in the mouth.  It’s mouth-coating with a sweet chocolaty flavor accented with, but not obstructed by, toasty oak.  The tannins required for aging are there, but not overpowering, and the ’07 Caymus definitely isn’t shy.  But it’s also not overblown either as its 15% alcohol is perfectly integrated.

For me, there’s something indescribable about a special wine; the kind you want to taste again and again, even if you’ve just had a sip (WARNING: this can result in dizziness, memory loss and entire days spent laying on your couch).  Caymus is one of those wines and if you haven’t tasted the ’07 yet, do yourself a favor and come up with an excuse to celebrate.

Other things my wife and I bought today that cost $60: a tank of gas, curtains and gardening supplies.  Will any of those give us the pleasure of a bottle of Caymus?  Clearly not… I have to hang the curtains after all!

Wine Spectator 92 points

“Ripe and fleshy, with rich plum, wild berry, spice and savory herb notes that are complex, full-bodied and expansive on the palate, ending with firm tannins and a dash of espresso. Drink now through 2016.”

2007 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon- LA Wine Company $59.95

Update from day 2:  This wine is ridiculously good…

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