Domaine Carneros Brut 2006- Celebrate in Style for $19.95

April 25, 2010 Cellar WorthySpecial Occasions  One comment

Domaine Carneros 2006 Brut bottleI’ve been in love with this wine since I first had it last year at the winery in Carneros.  The winery itself is straight out of Champagne France and the wine follows suit.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it’s made by Taittinger, one of the biggest Champagne houses in France.  If you can make it to Napa, spend the morning here- the surroundings are spectacular and the sparkling wine makes a perfect start to a day of wine tasting.

The Chardonnay used in this wine contributes a richness and the Pinot Noir a complexity that suggests it will age very well.  It’s dry, smooth and full and really shows off the uniqueness of the Carneros appellation.  The finish has a nice tartness and a distinct taste of orange peel.  Really nice.

Sparkling wine tends to be consumed in the U.S. only for celebration, as we are today.  But I’m committed to drinking it more often.  Call it a celebration of the everyday.  So who’s with me?

L.A. Wine Co. once again has the lowest price in the country according to Google Shopping.  Here’s the plan: Buy 6 bottles and drink one a year for the next 6 years and see how it ages.  I think April 24th, 2016 will be the best!

Wine Spectator 91 points

“Festive and vibrant, but rich and complex, with bright aromas of fresh cherry and lemon that lead to luscious flavors of raspberry, yeasty pear and crisp mineral. Drink now. 33,000 cases made.”

Domaine Carneros Brut by Taittinger 2006- $19.95

One comment to Domaine Carneros Brut 2006- Celebrate in Style for $19.95

  • Brian Hewitt says:

    Great idea on the survey. I also agree on your comments about value. It is easy to think you are getting a good deal on a wine just because it sells for less than $20 but a $25 dollar bottle that usually sells for $35 is a much better value than a $20 bottle that usually sell for $20 to begin with. That is why I like your site. You find the bargains.

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