A Delicious Mendoza Argentina Malbec for Under $10

November 8, 2010 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  One comment

Bodega Domiciano de Barrancas Malbec Cosecha NocturnaIn the under $10 price range you will be hard pressed to find better red wines than those from Mendoza, Argentina.  Malbec, Chardonnay and to a lesser degree, Cabernet, thrive there and with over 350,000 acres of vineyards (roughly 8x Napa), there is no shortage of wine produced.  Because importers need to make a serious investment in order to get wines into the United States, there is a sort of natural quality control, that occurs with many foreign wines.

The 2007 Bodega Domiciano de Barrancas Malbec Cosecha Nocturna is definitely at the top of the heap in terms of value at $8.99.  From start to finish, it has absolutely no rough edges, which is exceptionally rare in this price range.  This Malbec pours a deep ruby/purple and has a beautiful bright nose of cherry and raspberry.  Not quite as syrupy as some Malbec, the flavors are juicy, broad and delicious.  The finish is just as good with lingering flavors brought together by a nice acidity that’s sometimes missed in this grape.

I learned more Spanish today in researching this wine, than I did in two years of high school classes (thanks Senora Walters).  So many of the wineries in Argentina have such little focus on the U.S. market that they don’t even have English language sites.  As such, Google Translate came in handy, as I learned that the namesake of this wine “Cosecha Nocturna” pays homage to this winery’s policy of harvesting at night, when the cool temperatures help keep the delicate grapes in tact.

This wine is perfect for those looking for a low priced alternative to California reds, of which there are very few standouts in this price point.  It’s rich, well textured and ripe, leaving me wanting more every time I take a sip.  And that’s the best endorsement any wine can have.

Buy Here: 2007 Bodega Domiciano de Barrancas Malbec Cosecha Nocturna

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