Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot #52- Top under $10 value.

November 19, 2010 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  No comments

Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot #52 bottleThere really aren’t very many stand-out domestic red wines under the $10 price point.  So discovering Marietta Cellars’ Old Vine Red non-vintage “Lot #52″ bottling was a real pleasure for me.  And isn’t pleasure what wine is about after all?  You don’t drink it to quench your thirst.  If you do, it might be time to take a vacation from the vino…

Pleasure is the name of the game with this wine and you don’t have to believe me.  Here’s what Robert Parker has to say about this perennial value:

“If readers have not yet learned the formula here, it is: Marietta Cellars equals high quality, modest prices and considerable pleasure!” – Robert Parker

What is it made out of?  Who cares?  It tastes like good wine.  Seriously, it’s mostly Zinfandel with a kitchen sink worth of other varietals.  This wine is fragrant, spicy and ends with a surprisingly long finish.  It has house wine written all over it and most importantly, it’s one of those bottlings you can rely on year after year for unbeatable value.

LA Wine Co is once again the lowest price in the country at $9.95, beating the competition by a minimum of 84 cents, making them the only one beating the $10 mark.

Buy Here: Marietta Cellars Old Vine Red Lot #52 $9.95

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