Baby all I want for Christmas is… wine!

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Christmas is a time to give wine, receive wine, and drink wine.  It’s also a time for being forced to listen to nauseating songs over and over again, watch cheesy black and white movies and spend time with relatives you only see once a year.  Heck, my family even drinks wine in the morning around Christmas time ( I call it Mimosa hold the orange juice).

So what wine do I want for Christmas this year?  Honey are you reading this?  This is my top 5 list:

1. 2007 Joseph Phelps Insignia (RP 97-100) $149.95 – This is a potential 100 point wine that will last decades.  What could make a better gift?

2.  2002 Dom Perignon Warhol Edition (RP96, WS95) $129.95 – Call it cliché but this is a highly age worthy, world class Champagne.  Plus it comes in a cool bottle.

3.  2005 Clarendon Hills Syrah Brookman Vineyard (RP96, WS95) $54.95 – This is actually a wine I would give as a gift because the recipient would think I’m giving them a $100 bottle.

4.   2007 Robert Mondavi Reserve Cabernet (RP95+, WS95) $99.95 – A classic wine that’s epic year after year.

5.   2007 Vega de Toro Numanthia (RP94+, WS92) $47.95 – Their Termes bottling is one of my favorites and this is a major step up!

So what kind of wine do you want for Christmas this year?  Tell us in the comments section below or on our Nickel and Dime Wine Facebook page, then casually have your significant other read the blog so you can get something you actually want this year!

One comment to Baby all I want for Christmas is… wine!

  • Till says:

    Syrah – Alban 2006 Reva; Cayuse En Cerise
    Pinot Noir – Bergstrom De Lancellotti
    Cabernet Sauvignon – Leonetti (Reserve, please!), Bond

    Also have room for 2007 Ornellaia and El Nido. Thanks!

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