Zin Deal of the Year- Norman 2004 Old Vine half bottles $4.99

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2004 Norman Old Vine ZinfandelWasn’t I just saying there is no real old vine wine in the U.S. except Zinfandel?  Now is your opportunity to taste some of the finest wine from vineyards that are 115 years old!  The location of these vineyards might be a surprise to many.

The Cucamonga Valley in Southern California’s Riverside County is the location of some of the oldest vineyards in the United States.  In its heyday, before Prohibition, it was home to more vineyards than Napa and Somoma counties combined.  But alas, many of those vineyards were let go during prohibition and later overtaken by urban sprawl as Los Angeles grew to encompass multiple counties.

The few vineyards that are left make some of the country’s best Zinfandel and Norman’s “Old Vines” certainly doesn’t disappoint.  If you’ve had Opolo’s Zins and enjoy the ripe, jammy, style, you are going to love this wine.  It’s not shy at 16.2% alcohol but the nose has more blackberry than alcohol and the taste is sweet with notes of caramelized sugar.  The concentration from the old vines is apparent in the blockbuster Zin, but the 7 years of age have calmed the tannins down and made this a perfect drinker now.

Hard times call for desperate measures and at $4.99 per half bottle (!), there is no way the winery is making money here.  Of Norman Vineyards wines, Robert Parker has said:

“Some of the finest Zinfandels ever tasted. These are jammy, full-bodied, thick offerings meant to be consumed for their boisterous, exuberant gustiness over the next 3-5 years.”

If you like Zinfandel, and I know many of our readers do, get a case of these half bottles.  Over half of the enormous stack of cases was sold yesterday after the LA Wine Co. email went out.  I wish I had taken a picture because I happened to be there buying a few bottles when they were unloading them and I was shocked at how many cases there were.  The other half will probably sell after this post goes out so order online for in store pickup or nationwide shipping.  Enjoy!

Buy Here: 2004 Norman Zinfandel Old Vines 375ml $4.99

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