Single Vineyard Rhone Ranger Grey Stack “The Folly” $19.95

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Grey Stack The Folly 2009 BottleIf you aren’t on the lookout for Rhone Ranger blends from California, you are missing out on an up-and-coming segment that is providing some great values.  The same grapes that made Sine Que Non an impossible to find cult wine, have remained under the radar for some reason.  Grenache and Syrah blends, and to a certain extent Mourvedre, blend to create interesting, elegant and fun to drink wines.

Paso Robles and Santa Barbara county are producing some of the best, but Grey Stack’s Greywacke Vineyard “The Folly” is from Russian River Valley, of all places.  This Syrah and Grenache blend is an absolute stand out value at $20 and a must try for anyone looking for a departure from the norm of California Cabernet.  I like Syrah, but believe that when blended with Grenache, it really “kicks it up another notch” in the words of that annoying guy from the Food Network.

This blend is aromatic with rose petal notes on the nose.  On the palate, the Syrah contributes smoke and white pepper, while the Grenache rounds things out with rock candy and raspberry flavors.  This is a very polished wine, although Grey Stack’s own website would have you believe otherwise, saying:

“Grey Stack Cellars makes distinctive,
food friendly wines
from unique sites in Bennett Valley.
Honestly, and without a lot of BS.

Grey Stack does not make:
Intellectual wines, grown in obsessively farmed vineyards
each berry polished by a virgin using a shammy
made from sustainably farmed baby seal skins.”

The fact that they have a sense of humor makes a great wine even better.  Even better still, LA Wine Co is once again the lowest price in the country according to Google Shopping.  Another notch: this wine was the February 10th Wine of the Week from the LA Times.

Buy Here: 2009 Grey Stack “The Folly” Greywacke Vineyard $19.95

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