A 90 Point Tempranillo That Will Blow Your Mind

May 9, 2011 Daily Drinkers  One comment

Venta Mazzaron 2007 TempranilloIt’s wines like this that make me ask why I spend $30+ on a single bottle.  I try two to three new wines every week.  Because of the research I put in before purchasing, I’m often (but not always) impressed by the value those wines deliver.  Occasionally, I am totally blown away by what I’m drinking.  This is one of those wines.

I literally can’t wrap my head around how, financially, a wine this good can be made.  The grapes are grown nearly 6000 miles away in a country where, despite their unstable economy, the exchange rate isn’t exactly favorable for us ‘mericans.  Sure Spain has more acres under vine than any other country, but they still have to grow, harvest, ferment, age, bottle, transport and sell each bottle of wine.  Doing that for a wine that tastes this good, and selling it for $11 frankly makes no sense to me.  But I’m not getting too upset by it.

I’ve had Tempranillo approaching 4 times this price that didn’t have the vibrant nose, depth and texture of this wine.  It’s complemented, but not obscured by oak and has a finish that goes on and on.  Sound like a high-end wine?  It tastes like one too…

Buy Here: 2007 Venta Mazzaron $10.95

Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar 90 points

“($15; 100% tempranillo) Inky purple. Sexy, high-pitched aromas of black raspberry, licorice, flowers and Moroccan spices. Juicy and mineral-driven, featuring a fine-grained texture and very good intensity to the red fruit and floral flavors. There’s an element of finesse here that’s rare to find in a wine at double the price. Leaves sweet fruit and spice notes behind a long, sappy finish.”

One comment to A 90 Point Tempranillo That Will Blow Your Mind

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