Seven Heavenly Chardonnay – Heavenly wine at a deadly price!

October 25, 2011 Uncategorized  2 comments

Seven Heavenly Chardonnay BottleMichael and David Winery is best known for their very popular Seven Deadly Zins bottling.  As gimmicky as that wine is, it’s usually one of the better Zinfandel values in the market and it was a nice surprise to me to discover their fantastic Chardonnay, Seven Heavenly Chards.  With names like this, Michael and David might would fit right in on the Australian wine scene or the horse racing circuit.

The “Heavenly” name delivers, as this wine is one of the better Chardonnay values on the market today.  It’s grown in the Lodi region, 100 miles east of San Francisco.  Lodi produces more wine than Sonoma and Napa counties combined and savvy producers are making great wine from the abundance of available grapes.

A bright, sweet and smokey nose is followed by concentrated buttery flavors that coat the palate.  30% oak aging creates a beautiful round texture that’s a real surprise for an $11 Chardonnay.  This is textbook California Chardonnay at a daily drinking price!

Most retailers are selling this wine for $14-15 but L.A. Wine Co has the lowest price in the country at $10.95.  Heavenly indeed.

Buy Here: Seven Heavenly Chards 2010 $10.95

Robert Parker 87 points

“The 7 Heavenly Chards 2010 is a 10,000-case cuvee made from 100% Chardonnay (70% aged in stainless steel and 30% in French oak). Pure and ripe with notes of buttered popcorn, white currants and a hint of peach jam, it is surprisingly intense for a Chardonnay at this price point, medium-bodied and well-made. Enjoy it over the next year.Shrewd consumers should be seeking out the offerings from this value-priced winery.”

2 comments to Seven Heavenly Chardonnay – Heavenly wine at a deadly price!

  • Joan Coffin says:

    On July 13th I purchased a bottle of the chardonnay for $13.50 at a store in Dysart, IA. Couldn’t wait to try it and ended up dumping the entire bottle as it was rancid. I had several people try it and a couple people couldn’t even get it beyond the smell. It smelled like gasoline. Talked with someone at the store but she never returned my call. The bottle was perfectly sealed and corked. Just wondering, does this happen. I can’t recall what year it was (think 2009) but that shouldn’t factor in. Thought that wine got better by the year. Anyway, just a FYI that I will never purchase the wine again. I am a huge chardonnay consumer but I can’t afford to throw money down the drain. Thanks for listening.

  • admin says:

    Hi Joan – If it was indeed a 2009 vintage, I think that might have been your problem. That wine would have been released in 2010 and if it was sitting on a shelf at a store for 3 years, that certainly could have caused a Chardonnay to go bad. I would be looking for 2011 and 2012 Chardonnay right now unless you’re buying $40+ ageworthy stuff. Hope you have better luck with your next wine!

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