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’09 Gary Farrell RRV Chardonnay – WS93 for $26.95

June 25, 2012 High End Values  No comments

There is a lot of debate around what's the "best" style of California Chardonnay.  Oak vs. Steel, malolactic fermentation or not, buttery vs. crisp.  Unfortunately, this debate has caused producers and consumers to focus more on style and less on the quality of what's in the glass.  So many California wine tastings start with a pour of Chardonnay followed by a statement like "Now don't expect some sort of buttery/overoaked Chardonnay.  We take a different approach".  Here's a different approach: focus on making good wine out of good grapes, and let the wine speak for itself.

Gary Farrell did just that with his 2009 Russian River Valley Chardonnay.  This wine has some oak influence, but it doesn't taste like a campfire.  It's crisp, balanced, has an exceptional

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A Great Summer Sauvignon Blanc Under $10

June 20, 2012 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  No comments

2011 Infamous Goose Sauv BlancSometimes it's difficult to write up all the great New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs I drink because, eventually I would sound like a broken record: Bright tropical fruit flavors, crisp green apple, etc., etc.  That isn't a criticism, but rather a testament to the consistency and quality of NZ's signature wine, which is, for me, the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world.  It also remains a good value although I have noticed some price creep in the better known labels.

So, when the time came for a refreshing beverage on a warm Chicago evening this week, we headed to the roof deck with a bottle of 2011 Wild Rock "The Infamous Goose" Sauvignon Blanc.  So how is it?  It's the perfect summer Sauvignon Blanc.  Light, pale green and fruity with, well, bright tropical fruit flavors, crisp green apple,

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Big Announcement: Discounted Shipping for Blog Readers

June 19, 2012 Special Occasions  No comments

Nickel and Dime Wine is lucky to have some incredibly loyal readers who purchase (and seem to enjoy) tons of the deals featured on this blog.  But as the name of the blog suggests, we are in relentless pursuit of better deals for our readers, so today we are announcing our best deal ever:

$25 flat case shipping for Nickel and Dime Wine Readers
Shipping wine is expensive because it's really heavy!  You could go to your local wine shop and try to find the wines featured on these pages, but 1.) many of these wines are hard to find and 2.) when you are lucky enough to find one, you almost always pay way more than the prices we feature.  Cakebread Chardonnay that we featured for $35 costs $50 at my grocery store!


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Finally, A Great Napa Cabernet Under $25

June 5, 2012 Cellar WorthyDaily Drinkers  No comments

Now that the economy is thawing out, it's getting much harder to find good Napa Cabernet under $25.  In fact, the last one I wrote up was on November 1st of last year.  As a point of reference, I've written up several Bordeaux and Rhone blends under $25 since then.  So I was thrilled to taste White Oak's 2007 Napa Cabernet.

With most wineries realeasing 2009s, I'm not sure why this '07 is still around but I have an idea.  2007 was such a great vintage (arguably the best of the decade) and the economy was in the crapper.  So there were an excess of great values on the market at the time.  Fast forward to today and the economy has improved and two good, but not exceptional, vintages have been released (at higher prices).    How do those '07s look now?

This is super dense and

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