Finally, A Great Napa Cabernet Under $25

June 5, 2012 Cellar WorthyDaily Drinkers  No comments

White Oak 2007 LabelNow that the economy is thawing out, it’s getting much harder to find good Napa Cabernet under $25.  In fact, the last one I wrote up was on November 1st of last year.  As a point of reference, I’ve written up several Bordeaux and Rhone blends under $25 since then.  So I was thrilled to taste White Oak’s 2007 Napa Cabernet.

With most wineries realeasing 2009s, I’m not sure why this ’07 is still around but I have an idea.  2007 was such a great vintage (arguably the best of the decade) and the economy was in the crapper.  So there were an excess of great values on the market at the time.  Fast forward to today and the economy has improved and two good, but not exceptional, vintages have been released (at higher prices).    How do those ’07s look now?

This is super dense and concentrated with a perfect balance indicative of the 2007 vintage.  Ripe black fruit and sweet oak on the nose leads into mouth coating richness on the palate and a lengthy finish.  Kind of like digging out an old album you used to love, I think I’ve rediscovered why I like the 2007 vintage so much!

Buy Here: 2007 White Oak Cabernet Napa Valley $21.95

Connoisseurs’ Guide 91 points

“Cabernet of this quality more often than not comes at considerable cost-but not here. We like everything about the wine from its precise varietal fruit to its rich, carefully placed oak to its fleshy feel and its very fine balance, and we like it all even more at the price. The wine is at once easy to taste now but shows the structure for aging, and it will continue to grow and improve for another ten years. When the topic turns to Best Buys, this one vies for top honors. Reviewed: April 2011. GOOD VALUE”

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