Big Announcement: Discounted Shipping for Blog Readers

June 19, 2012 Special Occasions  No comments

Nickel and Dime Wine is lucky to have some incredibly loyal readers who purchase (and seem to enjoy) tons of the deals featured on this blog.  But as the name of the blog suggests, we are in relentless pursuit of better deals for our readers, so today we are announcing our best deal ever:

$25 flat case shipping for Nickel and Dime Wine Readers

Shipping wine is expensive because it’s really heavy!  You could go to your local wine shop and try to find the wines featured on these pages, but 1.) many of these wines are hard to find and 2.) when you are lucky enough to find one, you almost always pay way more than the prices we feature.  Cakebread Chardonnay that we featured for $35 costs $50 at my grocery store!

Now with shipping at around $2 per bottle, there is no excuse to pay the local wine shop tariff.  This is a huge discount of between $5 to $25 per case, depending on where you are shipping to.

Instructions for Redemption: Redeeming the shipping discount is simple.  Check out at LA Wine Co. as usual but in the “notes” box just type “Nickel and Dime Wine $25 Shipping”.  The full shipping price will show at checkout, but rest assured, we will discount it to $25 before your card is charged.  The offer is valid for any wine LA Wine Co. sells, but only applies to cases, so if you want to build a case over a couple of weeks, just note that in the order too.

Terms: This offer is valid for the next 90 days (until September 17, 2012).  After that we are going to take a look and see how many people took advantage of the deal, and we might very well continue it indefinitely.  Applies to ground shipping (where legal) and excludes Alaska and Hawaii. A case is twelve 750ml bottles.

Click Here to shop at LA Wine Company


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