A 90 pt Rhone for $6. BUY THIS WINE

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2008 La Granacha SignarguesBefore I tell my highly entertaining story, I will cut to the chase.  L.A. Wine Co has this wine for 50% cheaper than the lowest price in the country. Check it out here.  It’s easily the best deal I’ve written up all year.  No contest.

Okay, on to the story… I was at a local wine shop yesterday where I noticed a great deal on a Cotes-du-Rhone – $12 for a 90 point rated red from the 2008 vintage.   So I picked up a bottle of the 2008 La Granacha Signargues from Domaine  d’ Andezon.  It’s absolutely great for the price of $11.99.  Stony red fruit with a nice sweetness juxtaposed by a fine acidity that is absolutely textbook Cotes-du-Rhone Grenache.  The label looked familiar to me so I checked my cellar and realized I had ordered a bottle to try from L.A. Wine Company earlier in the month.  Which is great, except I paid only $5.99 for that bottle vs. $11.99 from the local discount store (which is still the second lowest price in the country).

This is an absolutely shockingly good wine for $6.  I know there is a lot of sensationalism in wine, but we’re talking about the price of a venti Starbucks here.  Let’s review, for a moment, other wines in the $6 price range:  Yellow Tail, Gallo… I’m actually having trouble coming up with more because they are usually so repulsive, I don’t even try them.  Not only is this drinkable, it’s actually really, really good.  $96.88 per CASE including our $25 case shipping for Nickel and Dime Wine readers.  Get it?

Buy Here: 2008 Domaine d’ Andezon Cotes-du-Rhone-Villages La Granacha Signargues $5.99

Don’t to forget to mention “Nickel and Dime Wine $25 Shipping” in the notes for $25 flat case shipping!  Details here.

Robert Parker 90 points

“The old vine offering of 100% Grenache, the 2008 La Granacha Signargues, is super. Like its sibling, it was made and bottled without any SO2, a rarity. Furthermore, these vineyards are organically farmed. Sexy black fruit and floral notes are followed by a deep, full-bodied wine displaying plenty of kirsch, underbrush, and loamy soil notes. Good purity, a full-bodied texture, deliciously ripe fruit, and a seamless style make for a sensational bargain-priced wine that should drink well for 2-3 years.

One of safest, most reliable Cotes du Rhone cuvees coming from this large cooperative south of Avignon, these are both special cuvees selected and bottled unfined and unfiltered for the American importer.”

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