Paso Report #1: Epoch and L’Aventure

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L'Aventure Limestone 700px

L’Aventure Limestone

I’ve written about L’Aventure several times on these pages, visited the winery several times and own more of their wines than any other producer.  Each one of their wines is absolutely top-notch, including the entry-level Optimus, which can be found for under $40 retail.  I own this wine back to the 2001 vintage and they all drink fabulously.  The highlight here is the Estate Cuvee, which is a blend of Syrah, Cabernet and Petit Verdot.   Like many Paso wines, it’s massive but balanced.  This is my favorite wine in the world to drink.

View Available L’Aventure Wines Here

Epoch Estate

Epoch Wine Lables

Epoch Wine Lables

Pronounced “Epic” these wines truly fit their name.   Epoch owns two vineyards in Paso Robles, along with a new, yet to be planted property in the tiny York Mountain appellation. All of the wines are estate and all, except the “Estate Blend”, are made from Paderewski vineyard, the source of one of Saxum’s wines.  This is top quality stuff here.  We experienced these wines firsthand and simply put, we were blown away.  This is how wine should be made.  Each wine is exceedingly unique, powerful and complex.  The highlights included 2010 Authenticity and the Tempranillo, both of which see new oak, but absorb it well due to the massive fruit.  Find these wines.

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