Stunning Chablis from Louis Michel (Under $30)

April 18, 2017 90+ Bargains  No comments

Louis Michel ChablisThis weekend we held a blind tasting of three Premier Cru Chablis from Louis Michel.  I expected the wines to be good (they were), but what really surprised me was just how different they were.  Each 1er cru vineyard has a certain reputation and this tasting showed that the reputation is dead on – two tasters were able to correctly call all three of the wines.  The fact that 2014 is the Chablis vintage of the decade, doesn’t hurt.

Before we get into the wines, let’s discuss Chablis.  This is one of the few remaining cases where the very best examples of a grape can still be had for a value price.  Chablis is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes on the northern side of Burgundy.  The cool climate results in super crisp, high acid wines that, to my taste, are exactly what Chardonnay should be.  They are age-worthy (1er Crus routinely go 10+ years), and best of all, top examples like this go for under $30!

Michel keeps his wines crisp and fresh by using no barrels.  All of the wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel.  Two of the wines we tasted are currently available – the Butteaux and the Vaillons.  Which should you buy?  Both.  But if you only want one, consider the style of each.  The Butteaux (Burghound 92) is fatter, showing its warmer microclimate with more tropical fruit notes.  The Vaillons (Burghound 90) more crisp but still very round, with more lemon and minerality.  I prefer the Vaillons, but would be happy drinking either.

Buy Here : 2014 Louis Michel Chablis Vaillons 1er Cru $27.95

Buy Here: 2014 Louis Michel Chablis Butteaux 1er Cru $29.95


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