A Few of Our Favorite Fall Wines

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With the change of seasons, we often find that our appetite will adapt in tandem. We attempt to phase out the lighter wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay (well, not completely – this IS California, after all, and we drink those year round – and especially with Thanksgiving!), and we start to incorporate deeper, more full-bodied  reds to suit the heartier dishes that we begin to crave with the colder weather.  Do you have any yearly favorites? We’ve certainly got a few, listed below – and we’ll be featuring more in upcoming blogs as well.


2015 Ridge Zinfandel Geyserville 50th Vintage

One varietal we love during the holidays is Zinfandel – especially with anything we can throw on the outdoor grill with a nice spicy rub (Tri-tip, Chicken, Turkey, and anything else you can imagine!) the peppery flavors nicely complement a char from the bbq – and goes extremely well with a Thanksgiving stuffing that has a Cajun kick. And a great Zin is Ridge’s speciality – and once you try it, it will be a yearly favorite. I even like it with spicy Chicken and Jalapeno Tamales around Christmas. And a deep fried Turkey, which has become all the rage in recent years, is terrific with a great Zin.

“Sporting a deep mix of dark fruits that runs from cassis to blackberries along with complexing elements of cocoa and earthy spice, this year’s edition of the Ridge Geyserville evokes all the accustomed richness that we have come to expect. It is a well-extracted and eminently ageworthy offering whose tannic, youthfully tight structure warrants a wait, but its astringency is never out of bounds and its insistently fruity finish is the hallmark of a wine guaranteed to repay five or more years of keeping with great dividends. Reviewed: May 2017″ (CG)

“……………..one of California’s leading Zinfandel producers. Kudos to Paul Draper for his marvelous array of expressive, full throttle Zinfandels.” Robert Parker

Iron Horse

Another one of the Fall Classics a sparkling wine from California’s Iron Horse.  this effervescent blend of Chardonnay and Pinot goes well with appetizers, cheeses, and even sweeter desserts such as a nice apple, berry, or pecan pie. This is one you’ll want every year! And, you can feel patriotic for opting for a domestic sparkler for thanksgiving as opposed to a Champagne.

2011 Iron Horse Brut Classic

Winery Notes:  “The 2011 Classic Vintage Brut is a “classic” blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, a traditional and elegant showcase of the 2011 vintage, with over three years on the yeast. It is “brut” level dry and vintage in every sense of the words. Rich, creamy and delicious with precise, pinpoint bubbles. Tasting Notes: By nose – rising dough, orange marmalade and baked apple. By mouth – ripe red apple, mandarin orange and hazelnut. Food Pairing Notes: Focused and complex, this is a beautiful sparkling with crispy pomme frittes with sea salt and black pepper, truffle popcorn, avocado and baby shrimp salad, bacon and watercress sandwich, wild mushroom tart, spaghetti with cream, Parmesan and crispy onions, roast duckling with citrus.”

You knew we were going to suggest another big, beautiful Red for all you Cabernet lovers, and we’re sure that this will not disappoint. Putting a Ribeye on the grill? Or going to Morton’s, or Ruth’s Chris? this is a great pair with a steak, creamed spinach, sauteed mushrooms and scalloped potatoes. Or just by itself.


2015 All or Nothing Red Blend by Tank Garage Winery

This deep, velvety, and silky Napa Red blend is going to drink very well with anything hearty that you can prepare – or will be a great companion at a Steakhouse for a Holiday Party.

Winery Notes:  “All or Nothing – A wine that accepts no less than the best. Our blend of Napa Valley Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Malbec and Mixed Blacks bursts in your mouth with great intensity and lingers with a silky smooth finish that leaves you wanting for more. We created this wine with the desire to continue compelling our fans to push the boundaries, with complexity, depth and passion.

Shawn Barber is an artist without boundaries. His work invokes a multitude of themes and constantly leaves his admirers curious as to what he will create next. We chose Shawn’s achingly and hauntingly beautiful masterpiece, ‘All or Nothing’ as our label art. Capturing such powerful emotion through composition and lighting, he elegantly showcases the concept of accepting no less than everything, while making it seem so stunningly alive.

Tasting Notes:
Aromas of vanilla, intense dark fruit, black licorice, chocolate, mint and caramel intertwined with black pepper and anise followed by layers upon layers of dark berry cobbler, raspberry, black currant, mocha and plum.”






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