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The Amazing Holiday Wines Never End!

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Holiday dolceHoliday Wines 2018, part 2

I, like many of you, have a difficult time when searching for appropriate gifts for family and friends for the Holidays. Gifts are, supposed to be luxuries, to bring a smile to the face and a twinkle to the heart of our favorites. But how about if we include a flute of bubbles or a purple stain to one’s mouth to that list as well?  I’ve become a huge fan of giving (and receiving, of course) gift cards for special occasions – but how many times do you suppose that the gift recipient uses the card on mundane and ordinary items? Enter the Gift Card form Los Angeles Wine Company! Now, you can be sure that the chosen few on your list are enjoying a dessert wine, Champagne, Bordeaux or California Cabernet due to your kindness, rather than buying another 2-pack of

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Ready for Holiday Wines? We Are!

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As I prepare a list of Holiday Wines, I am curiously reminded of a quote by the esteemed novelist Eduardo Galeano, “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine”. Indeed, as our lives evolve by those most noble events, and the desire to endlessly repeat them, there could not be a better time than the holidays to fully indulge our loved ones with what has given us so much joy. Below you will find a list of wines, which are sure to decorate and enhance your holiday festivities. And, the more I think about the quote by Mr. Galeano, I would wager a glass of Napa Cabernet that the “first kiss” of which he has written, was preceded with a glass of one of the fine wines below.



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