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Poll: How much do you spend on a bottle of wine?

April 27, 2010 Uncategorized  2 comments

Here at Nickel and Dime Wine, we're all about great wine values. But values can come in all shapes and sizes. A bottle of first growth Bordeaux for $250- that's value. Likewise, a 90 point Napa Cabernet for under $20 is also a great value. So we want to know what price range your typical wine purchases fall into. The winning price range will get a special blog post of (in our humble opinion) the absolute best wine in that range.

So vote away! It's as simple as the click of your mouse and much more enjoyable than filling out the U.S. Census.

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Review: Wine Enthusiast BYO Deluxe Double Wine Cellar Kit

April 1, 2010 Cellar WorthyNickel & Dime RetailersUncategorized  One comment

I decided it was time to move my wine out from under the bed, in the closets, cabinets, corners and hallways and get a proper wine cellar.  I've had a 50 bottle wine refrigerator for a couple of years but that has pretty much been full since the day I bought it (on Criagslist).  Until now I only had my most collectible bottles (think  Beringer Private Reserve, George de Latour, Caymus) in a temperature controlled setting but I wanted to move some of my second tier but no less ageworthy wine  (Mondavi Oakville, Mas Doix Salanques, Faust Cabernet etc.) into a cooler as well for proper aging conditions.

Since I'm always looking for a deal, I set out to find the best wine cellar under $2,000 that could accommodate my growing collection.  I visited the Vinotemp factory and was impressed by

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