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Under $12 Deals – Guigal Cotes du Rhone is Great EVERY Year (RP89, $11.95)

October 24, 2013 Under $12 Deals  No comments

Guigal Cotes du Rhone LabelOccasionally I find myself in two separate circumstances where I am in need of reasonably-priced, good wine (vs. reasonably-priced bad wine).  1.) I'm traveling and need to pick up a go-to wine at an unfamiliar liquor store or grocery store and 2.) I'm having a group of people over and I don't want to break the bank.  Guigal's 2010 Cotes du Rhone would work perfectly for both circumstances.  They make over 1 million bottles per year, so it's easy to come by and it's consistently really good.

In France, where all but the best wines (and sometimes even those) are made by purchasing grapes from village communes, there is one way to make good wine.  Pay higher prices for the best grapes.  That's precisely the approach the famous Guigal family takes with their generic Cotes du Rhone

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Under $12 Deal: 2009 Guigal CdR Rogue (IWC90, WA89)

February 5, 2013 Under $12 Deals  No comments

Guigal 2009 Cotes du RhoneSouthern France's Rhone Valley must be the epicenter of wine value.  Some would even say it's the epicenter of wine.  I can't argue with either and wines like the 3.5 million bottle (!) production 2009 Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rouge, prove at least the first point.

We drank this wine during the Super Bowl with delicious ribs and it was the perfect combo.  Mostly Syrah and Grenache, this is textbook Southern Rhone with bright, high-toned fruit, nice density and a cutting acid that takes the finish to a nice length.  The Guigal family makes Northern Rhone wines that cost several hundred dollars a bottle, including four 100 pointers in the 2009 vintage alone.  Their expertise certainly shows through in their value wines as well which include this wine and their white Cotes du Rhone, both of

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The 2010 Rhones Are Where It’s At

November 15, 2012 Daily Drinkers  No comments

Chateau De Saint Cosme 2010 Cotes du RhoneLet's review the last five vintages in Southern Rhone.

2006: Good

2007: Great

2008: Okay

2009: Great

2010: Greatest

Which vintage do you want to drink wine from?  I pick 2010, so in the interest of bringing the best wines (at the best prices) to our readers, I've picked several 2010's to drink this month.  The first is the Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes-du-Rhone Les Deux Albions Rouge.  I'll reiterate that if the French would simplify their wine names, they would sell WAY more wine in the U.S.

Maybe us savvy wine consumers are the beneficiary because this wine should be at least twice the price.  At $16.95 you are getting a super polished, focused and downright delicious wine for not much.  This is juicy, spicy and complex, likely due to the blend of 4 different grapes

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A 90 pt Rhone for $6. BUY THIS WINE

September 20, 2012 Daily Drinkers  No comments

Before I tell my highly entertaining story, I will cut to the chase.  L.A. Wine Co has this wine for 50% cheaper than the lowest price in the country. Check it out here.  It's easily the best deal I've written up all year.  No contest.

Okay, on to the story... I was at a local wine shop yesterday where I noticed a great deal on a Cotes-du-Rhone - $12 for a 90 point rated red from the 2008 vintage.   So I picked up a bottle of the 2008 La Granacha Signargues from Domaine  d' Andezon.  It's absolutely great for the price of $11.99.  Stony red fruit with a nice sweetness juxtaposed by a fine acidity that is absolutely textbook Cotes-du-Rhone Grenache.  The label looked familiar to me so I checked my cellar and realized I had ordered a bottle to try from L.A. Wine Company

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Back Again: A 92 Point Rhone for $11

April 10, 2012 Daily Drinkers  One comment

This wine sold out immediately after I posted it a few weeks ago, and with 91 and 92 point ratings, it's not a big surprise.   L.A. Wine Co. just got more in at the same price, so consider yourself warned.  If you missed the first post, here is it.

This truly is a top contender for best value I've ever had.  I'm planning on grabbing a few more bottles myself because it sold out on me last time!
Buy Here: 2010 Domaine d’ Andezon Cotes-du-Rhone Vignerons d’Estezargues $10.95
Robert Parker 91 points

"The classic cuvee, which has long been selected by importer Eric Solomon, is their 2010 Domaine d’Andezon, a blend of 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache. While there are critics of Syrah grown in the southern Rhone, even the cynics agree that the old-vine Syrah from the Gard has

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This Might Be The Best Value I’ve Ever Drunk

March 20, 2012 Daily Drinkers  No comments

2010 is looking like a historic vintage in the Rhone Valley (and Bordeaux) and value-seekers are the beneficiaries.  The 2010 Domaine d'Andezon Cotes du Rhone is so good, it makes a compelling argument for never spending over $11 on a bottle of wine again.  In fact, it might rank as the best value I've ever drunk.  France has its fair share of overpriced wine, but much like Spain, so much is produced that fantastic values float to the surface every year.  This particular wine was awarded 91 points by Robert Parker, who calls it "a perennial top-bargain pick ".

Juicy Syrah, which makes up 90% of this wine, imparts a blueberry character on the bright, focused nose.  Those flavors continue on to the full-bodied palate, where decidedly high-end flavors of roast meats and

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90pt Rhone for under $10 – Delas Freres Cotes-du-Rhone St Esprit

May 11, 2011 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  One comment

2009 is being touted as the next great vintage in France's Rhone Valley.  After the brilliant 2007 vintage, that's saying a lot and the general consensus is '09 isn't quite as great as '07.  A Porsche isn't quite as good as a Ferrari either.

This is the first '09 Rhone I've had with the Cotes-du-Rhones (think Central Coast) starting to be released and the pricier Chateauneuf-du-Pape (think Napa Valley) mostly yet to be released.  Fill a case with this wine and Monday's 90 point Tempranillo, and honestly I can't think of a better value for 12 bottles.

A nose of crisp stone and raspberry leads into a beautiful juicy core of ripe red fruit in the mouth.  Really nice balance and freshness.  But the standout trait of this wine is the second wind it gets on the finish.  Just when you

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