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Big Announcement: Discounted Shipping for Blog Readers

June 19, 2012 Special Occasions  No comments

Nickel and Dime Wine is lucky to have some incredibly loyal readers who purchase (and seem to enjoy) tons of the deals featured on this blog.  But as the name of the blog suggests, we are in relentless pursuit of better deals for our readers, so today we are announcing our best deal ever:

$25 flat case shipping for Nickel and Dime Wine Readers
Shipping wine is expensive because it's really heavy!  You could go to your local wine shop and try to find the wines featured on these pages, but 1.) many of these wines are hard to find and 2.) when you are lucky enough to find one, you almost always pay way more than the prices we feature.  Cakebread Chardonnay that we featured for $35 costs $50 at my grocery store!


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Under $10 Deal: 2006 Contado Mankas Cabernet Sauvignon Mankas Hills Vineyards

March 21, 2010 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  No comments

LA Wine Company scores again with the 2006 Contado Mankas Cabernet.  This single vineyard wine from the Suisun Valley AVA (had to look this up- it's just north of Napa County), is bright, oaky and delicious.  It's medium to full bodied and is well structured.  I would not call this wine soft, and it benefited greatly from a couple of hours of air.  I was going to call this a great pizza wine, but it's really good enough to stand up on its own.  As I sit drinking this Cabernet its second day, it has even improved over the first day.

The winery's website says its made using Italian techniques and I can definitely see that.  It reminds me of a Super Tuscan in that it's not quite as ripe, heavy and high alcohol as some of the Napa wines.  That said, it's not a thin wine by any means.  Very

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Single Vineyard Howell Mountain Cabernet Under $20 WE91

March 15, 2010 Cellar Worthy  No comments

It's not often that you can find a Napa Cabernet for under $20 let alone a single vineyard Howell Mountain Cabernet.  Mountain wine is notoriously expensive and, in my opinion, for good reason.  The 2005 Bella Vetta "Ami's Vineyard" Howell Mountian Cabernet has a knock out nose and a long,  lingering finish, in typical mountain style.  It's medium to full bodied with lots of fruit, but not in an over-ripe style sometimes found down the hill in the valley.

Watch for this wine to get much more expensive as the vines get some age- this is the wineries first offering from the 2 acre Ami's Vineyard.  But if you had told me the vines are 15 years old, I wouldn't have thought twice.  Only 248 cases were made, and I wouldn't be surprised if K&L bought a healthy percentage of it.  I

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Top Wine Deal Site:

March 11, 2010 Nickel & Dime Retailers  3 comments

From time to time I'm going to be discussing the best places to buy wine (for great prices).  One of my favorite online wine retailers is a.k.a Wines 'til Sold Out.  I've bought a few cases of wine from these guys and I've always been impressed.  WTSO lists wines a few times a day- with the main event at midnight EST- and sells them until, you guessed it, they are sold out.  It's a great way for an unnamed major wine retailer to get rid of excess inventory and, truth be told, wineries and distributors are selling wines to WTSO at MAJOR discounts to get rid of their own inventory.

Major benefits:

Free shipping with minimum purchase (usually between 1 and 4 bottles)
Quick delivery
Major names unlike some "one wine deal a day" sites

Let me give you some examples of the

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Monte Antico Rosso Toscana 2006- 90WS under $10

March 5, 2010 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  2 comments

One of my favorite daily drinkers is Monte Antico 2006.  As you can see from the picture of tonight's dinner, it's great with pizza, but it really shows much better than your average Tuscan pizza wine.  At 85% Sangiovese (with the rest Cabernet and Merlot), it's very dry but has nice fruit once it opens up.

One of my favorite wine retailers, LA Wine Company, is currently selling this great wine value- which ranked #61 on the 2009 Wine Spectator Top 100- for only $8.99.  At that price, I would (or should I say did), pick up a case or two.  This is a very solid wine value.

2009 Wine Spectator Top 100: #61

"Bright plum, dried cherry and flowers on the nose. Full-bodied, with fine tannins and refined berry and cherry flavors. Drink now." (WS)

Monte Antico Rossa

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