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Black Friday: Round Pond Estate Cabernet ($46.95, RP93)

November 27, 2015 High End Values  No comments

IMG_5682It's rare that I write up a wine twice, but this one deserves it.  Even though it's young, I opened a bottle of Round Pond's 2012 Estate Cabernet for Thanksgiving and it really is spectacular.  They recently hired Thomas Rivers-Brown as their consulting winemaker and it shows all his hallmarks.  I buy his (much more expensive) wines from Schrader, Outpost, Mending Wall and Rivers-Marie and if you want to taste a TRB wine without spending 2-5x, this is your wine.  It's hard to describe what makes his wines so unique.  The nose is a sweet combination of fruit and oak with neither jumping out - it's actually hard to tell the difference.  The palate is incredibly refined, pure and seamless.  There is huge concentration, but I wouldn't call this a huge wine.  In summary: WOW.

Every day is

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The Best Merlot Ever under $10 – And it’s from Rutherford!

September 14, 2011 Daily DrinkersWines under $10  No comments

Rutherford is arguably Napa Valley's most prestigious wine growing appellation.  Ever heard of Scarecrow?  It's $1500 per bottle and is grown and produced in Rutherford.  How about Quintessa, B.V. Georges de Latour, Caymus, Staglin or Rubicon Estate?  Tired of me asking you questions?  Trick.  That was another question.  Okay, here's a statement: Those wines all hail from Rutherford and their price tag shows.  Of the wines I listed, Caymus is the cheapest at $60.  Needless to say, when a Rutherford Merlot came along at $7.99, I had to try it.

MSH is a value-focused project of Tom Gamble, owner of some of Napa's best vineyards.  He teamed up with other high-end wine growers and took surplus grapes from top-notch vineyards to create incredible tasting wines for Yellow Tail prices.


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Round Pond Estate Cabernet 2007- Rutherford in a bottle. WS94 $39.95

September 27, 2010 Cellar WorthyHigh End Values  No comments

The sense of place a wine can convey is absolutely incredible to me.  Round Pond's Rutherford Estate Cabernet has Rutherford written all over it.  These grapes are grown next door to B.V. George de Latour and Caymus so you know the soil is top notch.  In fact, Round Pond sells some of their grapes to Caymus as only around 5% of their 360 acres of grapes end up in their own wines, with the rest going to high-end producers looking for top quality Rutherford Grapes.

Rutherford wines have a uniqueness unlike any other AVA in Napa with the possible exception of Oakville and Howell Mountain.  The Rutherford AVA is 6 square miles but, somehow, the wines taste different from any other wines in Napa.  You'll hear a lot of talk about "Rutherford dust", and that is the perfect description of the

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2008 Caymus Cabernet- Amazing every year. $59.95

August 22, 2010 Cellar WorthyHigh End Values  2 comments

How Caymus makes consistently fantastic wines year after year is absolutely beyond me.  Not only have I never had a vintage I didn't like, I've never had one that didn't blow me away.  Did you ever wonder why they release their wines a full year before most other wineries and two years before competitors like Silver Oak?  Because their wines sell out every year.  Those other wineries already have their wines bottled, but they can't release the next vintage until the prior vintage is gone.  Caymus doesn't have that problem.  Some people won't buy Caymus because it's one of the most famous names in the valley.   But unlike some of their competitors who rest on their laurels, Caymus wines keep delivering every year.

Equally impressive is how this wine tastes great upon release but is

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2007 Caymus Cabernet: Incredible Value at $59.95

April 18, 2010 Cellar WorthyHigh End Values  No comments

How can a $60 wine be an incredible value?  When it's Caymus Cabernet.

I'm sitting outside under the California heater on a beautiful spring evening and I'm trying to come up with a reason why the 2007 Caymus isn't the most enjoyable wine I've ever had.  I'm willing to officially crown this the best California Cabernet I've had under $100.  And it's $40 under $100!

2007 is really proving to be a great vintage for Napa Cabernet.  It's approachable early, but has the structure to age.  I had the 2006 Caymus soon after it was released and it was good, but really needed to be laid back for 5 years before it was really ready to drink.  The '07 tastes amazing now and I have every reason to believe it's only going to get better.

This wine is unique.  The nose is complex and warm with

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