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A Seriously Good 90 Point Cabernet from Argentina $13.95

February 10, 2011 Daily Drinkers  One comment

It's well known at this point that some of the best values in the world are coming out of Argentina.  Argentine Malbec (or is it Argentinian? I never really know) and, to an increasing extent, their Cabernet over deliver in a major way especially when compared to what's happening in Napa and France.  But, in the under $30 price range, I've found many of the wines to be somewhat one dimensional, with some of the Cabernet having some green notes.

That all changed with Finca Decero's Cabernet Sauvignon Remolinos Vineyard.  When I took the first sip after splashing it into a decanter, all I could think about is how much it reminds of the 2005 Chateau La Vieille Cure, the 93 point Bordeaux I wrote up last month.  The complexity and rich mouthfeel are impressive, and while ripe, it avoids

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An Awesome Single Vineyard Chardonnay from Qupé Wines – $12.95

January 14, 2011 Daily Drinkers  No comments

Tonight was the second attempt with my new pasta maker, and this time called for a white wine pairing.  I've long been impressed with Syrah bottlings from Qupé so I picked up a bottle of their 2009  Bien Nacido Vineyard "Y" Block to drink with Sicilian fettuccine with roasted tomatoes.

It's exceptionally rare to find a single vineyard Chardonnay made with this precision and cost (25% new oak barrels) for under $20.  Plus, Qupé clearly takes pride in their wines and I like supporting wineries like that.  After all, with a few exceptions, wineries are just small businesses trying to put a great product in front of customers while making a profit.  The majority fail at both points, and while I can't speak to their profitability, I can tell you  Qupé has a great product.

As previously

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Single Vineyard Napa Chardonnay Goodness- Levendi Red Hen $19.95

September 1, 2010 Daily DrinkersHigh End Values  No comments

Most of the grapes grown in Napa, or any region for that matter, aren't planted, maintained, and harvested by the company that ultimately brings the wine you drink to market.  Rather, most grapes are grown and then sold, by the ton, to producers large and small.  Markets actually exist for grapes just like corn, soybeans or pork bellies.  In fact, some of the most famous and popular wines in the country, names like Silver Oak, Cakebread and Caymus, use purchased grapes for at least a portion of their wines.

Those wines carry generic appellation names (Napa) which allows the wineries to source grapes from anywhere in the county.  But a growing trend is single vineyard designated wines, whether they be from an estate's own vineyards, or as in this case, from a vineyard managed by a third

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Nickel and Nickel: Luxury Tour, Luxury Tasting, Luxury Wines

July 13, 2010 Cellar WorthyHigh End ValuesHow To  One comment

When we pulled up to the front gate of Nickel and Nickel's Oakville Winery and pushed the call button to open the gates, we knew we were in for a premium experience with some premium wines.  As we walked through the front entrance (pictured above) we were greeted with a glass of Nickel & Nickel's 2008 Truchard Vineyard Chardonnay on a silver platter (literally).  While waiting in the parlor room, we took in the vintage furnishings of the perfectly restored 1884 vineyard house.  Every structure on the property has been perfectly restored to better than original condition but with a specific effort to stay true to the original.

Originally founded by John C. Sullenger in the 1880's, Gil Nickel purchased the property in 1998 with two goals in mind:

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3 Brooms Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2009- $11.95 for single vineyard NZ quality

May 12, 2010 Daily DrinkersUncategorizedWines under $10  One comment

3 Brooms Sauvignon Blanc 2009Nothing starts off a spring or summer evening better than a cool, crisp Sauvignon Blanc.   I think the best Sauvignon Blancs, especially for the value-focused consumer, are coming out of New Zealand's Marlborough region.  In a way, Sauvignon Blanc is a pure expression of wine, uninfluenced by oak, with all the focus on the grape.  This makes it the perfect wine to open an evening.

Barker’s Marque’s version is particularly rich, compared to many Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand, but it's a perfect expression of the varietal.  This wine is produced from a single vineyard and it really shows.  It starts with the signature bright, citrus notes that jump out of the glass.  The rich mouthfeel and tart acid would make this wine a perfect pairing to a rich, fatty fish like salmon, Chilean

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Chateau St. Jean Belle Terre Chardonnay- $19.95 for RP93 Points

May 2, 2010 High End Values  No comments

One of my top wine tips is to look for the reserve wines from the big producers.  Many of the big producers make solid high volume wines, but their real pride and joy is their reserve and single vineyard wines.  Case in point is the Belle Terre Vineyard Chardonnay from Chateau St. Jean, known as the king of Sonoma.  Famous for their Cinq Cepages Cabernet, they also produce some great single vineyard Chardonnays every year.

Robert Parker gave this one 93 points and I'll stand firmly behind him on that rating.  The Belle Terre Vineyard Chardonnay pours a straw colored gold and has great aromas of smoke, oak and sweet honey.  Speaking of honey, it has a great honey-butter mouthfeel that's both flashy and refined at the same time.  It finishes with a crisp, lingering fruit that rounds out

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